About Us

1321bleach is a New York based label brought to you by Laila Wayans and Westy Perkins with a focus on clothing and music production.

Growing up together and eventually living in New York the duo started DJing in the city mixing a range of genres to synthesize their influences. With a wide appreciation for modern trap, SoundCloud electronic subgenera, PC, metal, emo, and experimental glitch the two aims to bring a new breed to the club scene. 

Soon after, 1321bleach evolved and started manufacturing clothing, merging their digital artwork and graphic design with fashion. The two experiment with dye and chemical baths resulting in original unique pigmentation. Each piece is done entirely by 1321bleach from start to finish. Dyed, printed, distressed, and embroidered all in house, every garment is distinctive and unable to be replicated. 


Founded in 2018